Terms of Engagement – Staffing Solutions

The following terms of engagement are being set forward:


Agreement Introduction The client agrees to be a part of this engagement with Tested Talent.
Service Overview The client agrees to engage Tested Talent in a Staffing contract.
Tested Talent agrees to service the client’s recruitment needs as stated in the job description that has been provided by the client.
Sourcing Candidates The candidates will be sourced through Tested Talent’s network, partners, and effective online recruitment tools.
Screening Candidates Tested Talent will suggest a set of competencies for the position and will use relevant online tests to assess a talent pool.
Tested Talent will test the talent pool on these competencies, and will also conduct video/phone interviews with those who show potential.
Tested Talent will provide the assessment reports (along with resumes) of the best candidates from the Talent pool.
Access to Talent Pipeline Tested Talent agrees to use its technology and place all suggested candidates within an online Talent Pipeline and they will provide the client with the access to the Pipeline, on demand.
Sharing candidate profiles with the client Tested Talent agrees to share the profiles along with the assessment reports.
The profiles will be emailed to the client; in addition, the profiles will be available online in a Talent Pipeline.

Managing candidate engagement Tested Talent will be available to further the candidate engagement process on behalf of the client, once they have been tested and screened.
The client must indicate which candidates they want to interview. They can communicate their preference to Tested Talent through an email, or a phone call, or through the shortlisting functionality provided on the Talent Pipeline. Tested Talent will wait for the client to shortlist the candidates before scheduling any interviews.

The client agrees to indicate to Tested Talent, the date/time slots (preferably 3 slots) on which they would be available to host an interview.
Tested Talent agrees to further the engagement process, and get a commitment from the candidate on one of the date/time slots provided by the client.
If a candidate cancels the interview (or results in a no-show), Tested Talent will immediately inform the client and will share a few candidate profiles who are the closest match to the subject candidate

Ammendments Any ammendments to the job description or salary package will be considered as a change in the contract and may required additional charges.

This is because the job post may need to be re-edited, or in extream cases a new job may need to be posted on all the job portals, which may require Tested Talent to purchase additional job posts from the job portals.

If the salary has been revised down (from the original contract), then the client agrees to pay Tested Talent the original salary package.

If the salary has been revised up (from the original contract), then the client agrees to pay Tested Talent the revised salary package.

Negotiate the job offer on behalf of the client Although the client can choose to negotiate the job offer with the candidate, Tested Talent will be available to negotiate the job offer on behalf of the client using the above mentioned details.

Onboard the candidate on behalf of the client Tested Talent agrees to onboard the candidate on behalf of the client.

  1. The client will provide Tested Talent with the contract, and supporting documents (including confidentiality statements, non-disclosure agreements and others). Tested Talent will engage the candidate to sign the contract and supporting documents (including confidentiality statements, non-disclosure agreements and others), and then
present the client with originals.

  2. The client will provide Tested Talent with a list of documents that it wants collected from the candidate. This list can include copies of passports and/or identification documents; education degrees and certifications, among others. Tested Talent will collect these from the candidate and pass them onto the client.

Communication between the parties
when making an offer
If the offer is made to a candidate, and is accepted (independent of Tested Talent) then the client agrees to inform Tested Talent within 3 business days of the offer being accepted.
The client agrees to share with Tested Talent a partial copy of the offer letter that discloses the salary at which the candidate has accepted employment.
Communication Management Both parties agree to adhere to a communication structure that will manage and streamline the recruitment process.

  1. Tested Talent agrees to provide updates on the recruitment

process within 24 hours of when they happen. In addition, Tested Talent agrees to respond to any questions or concerns
from the client within 12 hours.

  2. Tested Talent will need constant approval from the client during the recruitment process. The client agrees to respond to the Tested Talent’s emails within 5 hours.

Replacement Candidates Tested Talent agrees to replace a candidate (without any additional fees) if the candidate leaves the position voluntarily within the initial 90 calendar days of employment, or if the client terminates the candidate within the initial 90 calendar days of employment. Tested Talent will charge its regular fees if a candidate needs to be replaced
after the initial 90 calendar days.

The client agrees to inform Tested Talent in writing, in the event, that the candidate is no longer with the company after the initial 90 days of employment. Tested Talent agrees to send an acknowledgement, and begin the replacement search process.

Tested Talent does not guarantee the performance of any candidate who may be hired. In the event that a replacement is needed, Tested Talent will make every effort to find a suitable replacement candidate
within 90 days, provided that the client has cleared its dues with Tested Talent.

The warranty for the replacement of a candidate will not apply if:

  a. The candidate is discharged by the client following a layoff, downsizing or reorganization of the position.
  b. The candidate is discharged following the client involvement in a sale or merger.

Tenure of the Agreement The agreement commences on the day the client Starts a Staffing Project. The tenure of the agreement is for 3 months during which both parties need to actively participate in the recruitment process. This means that Tested Talent will be actively sourcing, assessing, and presenting candidates to the client; and the client will be readily available to interview and process the candidates on its end.

If the client chooses to delay or defer the hiring for the position due to its internal shift in strategy, the agreement will continue its tenure uninterrupted. Tested Talent does not entertain a request to put the agreement on hold. If there is an internal shift in strategy (on the client’s end), the tenure will continue as per its 3 months tenure, however, the client has the option to open a new agreement after the tenure has been completed.

Price of the Staffing contract The client agrees to a staffing fee of 10% of the annual compensation package of the candidate.

The client agrees to pay 50% of the total Staffing fee, in advance; this is to ensure that Tested Talent has sufficient resources at their disposal to facilitate the employer’s request effectively.

The 50% payment received from the client will be adjusted in the final invoice (depending on the salary that the candidate is hired at). The client agrees to pay 50% balance payment one week after the candidate joins his duty.

The client agrees to send the payment through a wire transfer to a bank account that will be provided by Tested Talent. Any remittance and bank service charges will be borne by the client.

Refund Policy Tested Talent does not recognize refunds.

In extreme cases, the client has the option to request a refund if Tested Talent is not able to present a minimum of 5 eligible candidates. Eligibility criteria refer to:

  1. Candidates who score Adequate or above on Tested Talent’s grading scale .
  2. Candidates’ profile resembles the job description provided by the client.

Once the request for refund has been submitted by the client, Tested Talent will review the request and respond back with a decision within 3 working days.
The maximum refund the client can receive is 25% of the initial payment that the client has made at the beginning of the contract.