Job analysis

Our research team will analyze and discuss the job role &
requirements with the employer. A customized job
description will be created to fit the job role and will be
sent to the employer for approval

Assessment competency map

An assessment will be created based on 5-7 competencies
that will be mutually identified for the position. Each
competency will have 10 situation based questions that will
be specifically customized to the job description

Online assessment center

The assessment will be posted on an online portal from
where the candidates can access the competency tests

Attracting candidates

The position will be advertised on social media including
LinkedIn, Bayt, and other popular Job Portals

Leveraging our database

Our existing talent pool will also be approached and
invited to apply for the position

Test candidates

A URL to the online assessment will be shared with the
candidates. Reminders will also be sent to candidates who
have not completed their assessments

Generate talent assessment report

Once the candidate completes the test, a talent assessment
report will be generated and shared with the employer

Monitor talent pipeline

Your talent pipeline will be rigorously tagged and maintained
to ensure that we do not miss out on a potential candidate

Interview & shortlist

A telephonic interview will be conducted to screen the
candidates further. The candidates who meet our 360
assessment criteria will be shortlisted

Passing the candidates to the employer

Once shortlisted, the candidate profiles, resumes and
assessment reports will be shared with the employer

Schedule interview Premium

An interview will be scheduled with candidates to meet
our HR experts

Coordinate post interviews Premium

Candidates will be asked to share their interview experience
and feedback

Schedule follow-up interviews Premium

Final interview will be scheduled for candidates shortlisted
by our HR experts in the first interview

Perform pre-offer background checks Premium

Background checks will be conducted for the shortlisted
candidates to ensure clean past history

Make an offer Premium

An offer will be made to the selected candidate on behalf
of the employer

Collect all required paperwork Premium

After the candidate has accepted the offer, all the HR
related documents will be collected on behalf of the employer