Create your own profile archetypes

Profiling helps an organization's leadership to understand
the skill set present within their organization. Using our
platform, organizations can create their own profile archetypes.

HR consultants do only half the job

In a majority of cases, organizations hire consultants to create
a profiling mechanism that is relevant to the organizations.
Unfortunately, once the consulting project ends, there is no way
for the organization to keep a track of how its workforce is
moving from one profile archetype to another

See how we can track the change in

Let us help your organization in maintaining the profile
archetype of each individual in real time.

This will allow your organization to use assessments in
keeping a track of the current state of mind + skill set of each team member.

Since behaviour and temprament of team members
constantly change, it is only natural that they will constantly
be shifting from one profile category to another.

Our assessments and reporting tools will always help you
maintain profiles of your team in real-time.