Here is a 9-step overview of how we customize assessments


Conduct needs analysis

First step to creating an assessment is to understand needs of the position (or project for which the assessment is being created). This also includes understanding the KPIs.

Create competency frameworks

Identify a list of competencies required for the position, and study how each competency maps to one another. This includes mapping behavior and skill competencies.

Identify constructs

Each competency that is to be tested is mapped to 1°, 2°, and distortion measures. This will further ensure that the correct traits are being tested.

Create Assessments

Situation-oriented and case-based questions will be created for all the measures identified within each competency. Careful attention is given to industry, position, experience and education.

Run validity checks

Validate to ensure that the correct competencies have been identifed. Ensure that we are taking into account the industry, position, experience, and education.

Assign 3 difficulty levels

Each competency will have questions segmented into
3 levels of difficulty.

Run reliability checks

Once the tests have been created, each question goes through
a set of reliability checks to ensure that the scores are a reliable
indicator of performance.

Ensure Integrity of Analysis

To maintain its integrity, the tests and its answers are locked into our proprietary Question bank. Only authorized personnel have access.

Ready to test!

The tests and questions are uploaded to our Assessment Center,and is ready for use!