Gain confidence in assessments


Let us help you run a pilot for a position

We want show you how assessments can improve your selection and recruitment process. Let us take an existing vacancy that you have, and then let us launch a pilot assessment for that position. This way you will truly experience how valuable assessments can be.

Let us construct a competency map for the position

Our assessment specialists will work with you to identify 5 to 7 competencies that are required for your vacant position. This will go towards building a competency map.

Let us create tests for each competency

Our assessment specialist will create competency tests so that we can assess candidates for the vacant position. Each test contains 10 multiple choice questions, and takes 2 business days to create and validate.

Let us host your assessment on our platform

Once the tests are ready, we will host them on one of our online testing platforms. We will give you a link so that you start testing candidates for the vacant position.

Let us help you assess your candidates

Take the link that you have provided you and share it with your candidates. When they go to the link, they will be able to register, and begin the test.

Let us organize your candidates in a Talent Pipeline

As candidates register and take the tests, you will be able to see their results in real time. We will also organize your candidates into a talent pipeline.

Let us provide you analytics and reports

The Talent Pipeline is rich with several reporting features and analytical tools. You will be able to see the Talent Score Card, you also will be able to use benchmarking features, as well as play with many other really amazing tools.

Let us start your Pilot !

We are ready to start the Pilot !

The next step is to make sure that all financial commitments have been addressed so we can start.

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