Use our platform to help you with
evidence-based workforce development

We will help you customize your account so that it is ready to collect
the data, which you will need when you run all kinds of analysis

Start off by identifying key skill
areas relevant to your program

Each organization or program has a set of competencies
that are crucial for its success. Our team will help you
select and add tests that assess these competencies.
You can use your own competency framework, or we can
help you create one

Test, assess, then review how your workforce measures up to your expectations

You can set baselines and establish benchmarks based on how your workforce scored in the assessments. You now have empirical evidence illustrating precisely where your workforce meets your expectations (and where is does not).

Now you are ready to put in place your
strategies for workforce development

Use the empirical evidence to construct and calibrate
strategies that will help you up-skill and restructure your
workforce. Let your data guide your strategies.


Use corporate profiling as an advanced technique for workforce development