We help you build a new competency
framework (or refresh your existing one)

Growing organizations strive to ensure that they their
competency framework is current, because this will help them in monitoring performance of each team member or business
unit. We work with organizations to identify the skills that
they need in their current growth cycle, then using our
platform we are able to build a competency framework for
each business unit as well as the organization. Once an
updated competency framework is in place, our platform can
also be used to test employees on their proficiency for
each competency.

We help you fine-tune your
competency frameworks,

Growing organizations are constantly monitoring the
competency skill-set within their organization. Our system
gives you an accurate assessment of the proficiency level of
each competency within your organization. We will tell you
whether a competency is “Fine Tuned” or “Not Tuned”.

This way, each competency is relevant for
each management tier (or expertise)

This chart shows you how a particular competency (like ‘Team
Management’) should be addressed across the hierarchy within
your organization chart. For example, first-level officers will
approach the competency of ‘Team Management’ differently
than mid-level officers.

team spirit
Build cohesive
Engage, inspire,
and empathize

Efficiently assume personal
responsibility and follow ups to
ascertain team commitments

Establishing and sustaining a
sound environment in which
team members perform
effectively and efficiently

Empower others and energize
team to do their best

Deal honestly and fairly with others,
showing consideration and respect

Inputs and a sense of ownership from
each person should be welcomed with
clear visibility

Build strong teams that capitalize
on differences in expertise,
competencies and backgrounds

Regularly share knowledge and
expertise with team members

Assess each person’s strengths and
leverage on them to get the best out
of him or her

Identify positive attributes, strengthen
them, and endorse confidence and
optimistic attitudes, whilst working
on identifying areas of development
with each team member

Ensure the interest of the team
remains supreme to the interest of
any individual(s)

Shift priorities and respond with new
approaches as needed to meet
team goals

Present opportunities and build a
universal commitment for
development through tools,
assignments, mentoring and
coaching relationships etc

We help you create your company's
own competency score card

Growing organizations constantly monitor the competencies
of their business units to ensure that they’re equipped with the
right skill sets. We provide you with a comprehensive scorecard
for your organization that can help you boost your growth.

Each employee in your company will have
a score card

Through our online assessment platforms, we help you assess
each employee so you can make effective training, recruitment,
appraisal and restructuring decisions. You can test for aptitude
or job-fit, our customizable assessments test exactly what you
want to measure.

We even help you create corporate profiles
based on your competency frameworks

How do you map the potential of your workforce? We help you
build leaders through our profiling system that helps you
identify the most investable talent.

We can provide you with analytics that
help you trace strengths and weaknesses
within each competency across your organization

Would you like to know the overall strengths and weaknesses
of your workforce? Our customized analytics will help you map
your company’s overall strengths and weaknesses.

You can integrate your training programs
to your competency frameworks
(directly through our platform)

Now you can design and incorporate training sessions
around the pain points of your company. This will help you with performance optimization across your company.

The chart below shows how you can engage our dashboards
to increase the skill set of your work force.