Here is how The Desk works


Business needs analysis

We will conduct an assessment to understand your capacity needs. This will allow our team to align ourselves with your strategy. Through this, we will also be able to put together a plan for a virtual team that will support your business.

Infrastructure needs analysis

We will conduct an assessment to identify the set up & equipment needs - office space, number of desks, nature of technology & miscellaneous resources - that will be needed for you to run your business operations remotely

Human capital needs analysis

A job analysis will be conducted to identify the number of positions and roles for your virtual team. We will also create competency frameworks to identify the desired skill set for each position

Interviewing and shortlisting

We will leverage our recruitment processes to find the most suitable candidates for your virtual team. We will facilitate you in conducting all interviews with the candidates

Acquire and on-board team

An offer will be made to the selected candidates on your behalf. We will onboard the team and equip them to begin operations

Estabilish communication SOPs

We can facilitate you in establishing the right communication frameworks for your team so you are continuously updated regarding their progress

Monitoring and evaluation

We will facilitate you in tracking the progress of your team by mapping actual growth vs. expected growth which will help you in identifying & monitoring performance or resource gaps

Expansion planning

We will conduct a bi-annual assessment to gauge your future capacity needs and will provide you with flexible & quick resource upgrades so you can quickly upscale your operations